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Dwarf Warrior[edit | edit source]

Dwarf Warrior.jpg
Max Hitpoints 350+3000
Species Dwarf
Appearances Chapter 11
Weaknesses Arcane Arcane (S)
Regeneration 0
Speed 3
Score Value 500

Behavior[edit | edit source]

They will run directly towards wizards and teleport into melee range. Their axe attacks deal a heavy amount of damage. They will also sometimes heal themselves, but they don't do it often enough to gain a larger amount of durability.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

They are shockingly weak to Arcane spells. Hitting them with any form of Arcane (S) spell will cause their sheild to burst easily and them with it. If you want to fight a bit longer, use an Earth (D)Water(Q) aoe. This will have three effects: will destroy the dwarves' shields, keep them away due to the knockback effect and make them wet, and thus vulnerable to lightnings. It's an ideal reason for using a Lightning (A)x5 force, which will kill a group of wet dwarves with two shots, or a Storm Ray (SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)), the most powerful beam spell ever known.

Dwarf Priest[edit | edit source]

Dwarf priest.png
Max Hitpoints 3000
Species Dwarf
Appearances Chapter 6, Chapter 11
Weaknesses PUSH IN LAVA
Regeneration 0
Speed 4
Score Value 2600

Dwarven Priests uses lightning, earth and sometimes fire magic, they can also cast self-shields. When they use earth (5x earth) it will kill you in one hit unless shielded or heavily resistant to Physical damage. Occasionally they will heal other dwarves as well. They drop the Righteous Rod of Runes upon death. Yes, this means they're reistant to lightning, and thus lots of high-damage spells.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Toss up a self-shield (Shield (E) Middle Click) or a full rock armor (Shield (E)Earth (D)x4). Throwing boulders works very well (Earth (D)), although it can be hard to aim properly. Steam(Water(Q)Fire (F)) is also a good choice, although it doesn't kill the Dwarven Priest as fast as boulders. Another strong strategy simply requires you to cast base shield in front of you (Shield (E) Right Click) and charge up a full strength boulder (Earth (D)x5) while they charge theirs, this works also when there are other dwarves in front of them as you will end up killing them. You can use Raise Dead magick to create zombies which will protect you from being hit by a boulder. Elementals are much stronger, but zombies can be summoned way faster. It's good to use some Arcane magic as it will heal zombies and damage dwarves.

Reference[edit | edit source]

Dwarf Priests will shout a variety of things in combat, including "Metsä!" and "Hirvi!". These are references to the finnish language.

Dwarf Champion[edit | edit source]

Dwarf champion.png
Max Hitpoints 500+2500
Species Dwarf
Appearances Chapter 11
Weaknesses Unknown
Regeneration 0
Speed 3
Score Value 1000

Strategies[edit | edit source]

As against all sorts of shielded enemies it helps if you ice them in the following way: first: shoot a combination of water, earth and arcane against them (arcane will unshield them, while water makes them wet) second: shoot several times a combination of cold, earth and arcane against the enemies (first one freezes them, the following ones preserve the freezing effect and kills them as well)