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The official Magicka soundtrack is released on February 18th, 2011 by Arrowhead Studios on the Magicka website. The following is the press release statement regarding the soundtrack:

NEW YORK - February 18th, 2011 - Have you run out of music to prance to on your iWand? Need something uplifting to help motivate you to crawl out of bed and into your robes? In time for the retail release of Magicka, the mages of Arrowhead Studios want to give all Magicka fans something a little extra! The official Magicka soundtrack has been released, and is available for immediate download at Featuring 26 tracks, you can now experience more "Magick" in every part of your life.

Developed by Arrowhead studios, Magicka throws players into a realm filled with hordes of ogres, goblins, and other monsters you've seen countless times in games and movies throughout the last 50 years. Explore the land alone or cooperatively as you and your "friends" battle through the masses to save the world and be mocked incessantly by the entire population when you perish trying to do so. Put your robe on and get ready to do lots of prancing around in the forest!

Magicka is now available in UK and French retail stores, with additional countries to follow over the coming weeks. The game is also available for download through all major digital download partners.

Accidentally blow yourself to bits by playing the demo on Steam:

For more information about Johan Lindgren, the composer of the Magicka soundtrack, please visit: For the latest news on Magicka, please visit, join the community on or follow the game on Twitter at

The soundtrack currently consists of 27 tracks. The last 3 are not heard in the game. The first 26 was released on 18 February 2011 (as per the announcement above), while the 27th was released on 25th February 2011 with the Mea Culpa DLC.

# Name Time Where you hear it
1 A tale of Wizards 2:00 00bHeard during the story narration at the beginning of Chapter 1.
2 Airship Ride 1:25 03bChapter 3: During the airship battle
3 Aldrheim (Peace & War) 1:10 01bChapter 1 and Chapter 7
4 Arrival at Hávindr 1:32 04aChapter 4: Heard in Area 1 (during the daytime)
5 At World's End 3:29 06aChapter 6
6 Battle of the Wizards 2:15 06bChapter 6 and Chapter 12: During the fight with Grimnir
7 Battle the Count 1:48 09bChapter 9 and Chapter 12: During the fight with Vlad
8 Battle the Reaper 1:26 10bChapter 10: During the fight with Death
9 Boss Battle 1:52 99cHeard during most boss fights
10 Challenge 2:24 99bbHeard when you engage in a battle with enemies, as well as in Challenge Mode
11 City of the dead 2:19 10aChapter 10: Heard after entering the City of the Dead (Area 2 and 3)
12 Dunka Dunka 0:55 01aChapter 1: Heard inside Castle Aldrheim just before and after the tutorial dungeon
13 Encounter 1:45 99aHeard when you engage in a battle with enemies
14 End Credits 3:40 12bChapter 12: Heard after defeating Assatur
15 Fornskogur Forest (Peace & War) 1:32 02aChapter 2
16 Frostjörd Battlefield (Peace & War) 1:57 05aChapter 5
17 Galdrhöll Ruins (Peace & War) 3:31 11aChapter 11
18 Halöndin Coast (Peace & War) 2:42 03aChapter 3: Except during the airship battle
19 Hávindr under siege 1:01 04bChapter 4: Heard only after Area 1 (during the nighttime)
20 Idle browsing 2:15 00aHeard at the main menu and lobbies
21 Jarn Cliffside (Peace & War) 2:41 08aChapter 8: Heard before entering the Jarn Mines. Also similar to that heard in the official trailer.
22 Jarn Mines (Peace & War) 1:29 08bChapter 8: Heard after entering the Jarn Mines
23 The King in Yellow 2:16 12aChapter 12: Heard during the battle with Assatur
24 Prelude to (not) a Vampire 1:06 09aChapter 9: Heard in the Count's castle before fighting Vlad
25 Magicka Bonustrack 100 snakes cometh by Elfs Featuring Trolls 2:23 99RNot heard in the game
26 Magicka Bonus Track St George and the dragon by Nanook of the North 3:41 99SNot heard in the game
27 Reachground - The gamer and Magicka 1:20 99TNot heard in the game. Sang by Vlad for the Mea Culpa DLC released on Patch

There are still music in the game that is not available in the soundtrack. Some examples include the music heard throughout the swamp in Chapter 9, the cover of the song Tristram from Diablo 2 on entering the Count's Village in Chapter 9, the tutorial dungeon music in Chapter 1, and the music heard in the Spider Caves in the Jarn Mines in Chapter 8.

Note also that not every scene/area/room in the game has music. For example, the starting room in Chapter 1 with Vlad, and the empty large expanse in Chapter 10 just before entering the City of the Dead have no music.