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Magicka PvP Trailer here on youtubeis the trailer released with the intention of promoting the PvP mode. It uses real actors.

The trailer begins with Vlad standing in front of a group of several wizards, with a map behind him.

Vlad: We're gonna be using aliases on this job. Under no circumstances are we going to use our real names. He points at each of the gathered wizards and gives them names depending of the colour of their robes. "You are Mister Brown... Mister White... Mister Yellow... Mister Blue... Mister Orange.." He then comes to the the wizard dressed in pink robes. "...and Mister Purple."

"Mister Purple" looks surprised. "What, why am I Mister Purple? I ought to be Mister Pink!"

Vlad: "Some guy on another job is Mister Pink. You're Mister Purple!"

Mister Purple: "Does this look purple to you?"

Mister White: "Who cares what your name is?"

Mister Purple: "That's easy for you to say. Your robe's white. And obviously, my robe is pink."

Mister Purple picks up a colour scheme.

Mister Brown: "Why can't we have names based on the elements instead? I want to be Mister Earht."

Mister Purple: "See, anyone can tell that this is pink... But oh, I forgot. One of us here is colourblind." He looks at Mister White, appareantly refering to him.

Mister White stands up. "Don't you call me that!"

He strikes Mister Purple to the ground. He points his staff at Mister Purple's face, and Mister purple does the same to him with his sword.

Mister Purple: "You wanna f*** with me? I'll show you who you're f***ing with!"

Mister White: "Go ahead! RRRRWWWR!"

Mister Yellow: "Are ya gonna bark all day little doggies... or are ya gonna bite?"

Mister White charges against him, roaring. He disappeares out of the image, that is now only showing Mister Purple. Sounds of fighting is heard outside of the camera angle.

Mister Purple: "We're ssupposed to be professionals here!" An explosion covers the whole room in light, followed by a burning suasage flying through the room.

The camera shows Vlad, who puts his hands over the face in pure frustration. The camera shows the wizards, who are fighting each other to death.

Mister Yellow: "Take that!"

Vlad despondently leaves the room, while the wizards keep fighting.

A text shows up: "Sometimes wizards don't get along". The video then ends.

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