Rogue Robes

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The Rogue Robes are a set of robes included in the Magicka: Party Robes DLC.

The user of these robes will spawn with a Compact Crossbow and Smoke Bombs. Also, the robes themselves cause the user to have roughly 1/2 of base health. However, the user will also run much faster than base speed. The speed bonus gained from wearing the robes is enough to cause the same effect that the Knife of Counter-Striking does; running into an enemy while hasted and wearing ice armor will harm them.

One of the Rogue Robes' perhaps most interesting abilities is that of cloaking. While holding the block button, the user will turn invisible, and any armor the user is wearing will break, as if the user had cast Invisibility. However, unlike its Magick counterpart, the user is unable to move while cloaked. The cloak will break when damaged, or when the block button is released. Elements can be added to the spell bar while cloaked, but the user may not cast until he or she lets go of the block button, and subsequently uncloaks.