Sapient Pearwood Luggage

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Species Chest
Appearances Challenge Mode
Weaknesses Everything
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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This weak creature spawns only in challenge mode and when dispatched, yields an item or spell.
  • Despite looking generally helpless, the Luggage has a bite attack that can kill a (very) distracted wizard
  • 4xEarth (D) boulders are a great way for sniping luggages.
  • A reference to Terry Pratchett's 'Luggage' from the Rincewind series of Discworld. However, Discworld Luggage was a very strong chest.
  • Appears in Magicka 2 tied down outside a tent at The carnival.
  • It occasionally makes goblin noises. This might be the default NPCs sound and this entity was never assigned one.