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A video about spell combinations can be found here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PPFr2C7SZQ

Different spell results occur depending on the element and attack type used. The elements are listed in order of priority. Elements with higher priority overide the spell result of elements with lower priority. For example, normally, a spell containing a Channel type element will produce a beam when force cast. However, if the spell includes a Solid type, a projectile attack will occur because Solid elements have a higher priority than Channel elements.

Shield: Shield (E)

Projectile: Earth (D) and Ice

Beam: Life (W) and Arcane (S)

Spray: Lightning (A), Steam, Water(Q), Cold (R), Element fire.png

(Attack Type) Self Force Area Weapon
(Attack Area) Point Conic, Semi-Circle Surrounding, Circular Frontal, Linear
Shield + Projectile Encasement Barrier Barrier Barrier
Shield + Beam Elemental Immunity 4 Mines 8 Mines 3 Mines
Shield + Other Elemental Immunity Storm Storm Storm
Shield Damage Absorption Shield Dome Shield Wall Shield
Projectile + Beam Projectile Projectile Ground Shock Elemental Attack
Projectile + Other Projectile Projectile Ground Shock Elemental Attack
Projectile Projectile Projectile Ground Shock Elemental Attack
Beam + Other Elemental Attack Beam Nova Elemental Attack
Beam Elemental Attack Beam Nova Elemental Attack
Other Elemental Attack Spray, Lightning Nova, Lightning Elemental Attack

Encasement: Surrounds the player with a solid element, temporarily making them immune to damage. Player slows down according to the number of solid elements used. Player can prepare and charge spells, but the encasement breaks on self cast.

Barrier: A solid structure is summoned from the ground to act as a barrier. The barrier must be destroyed before anyone can pass it. Can cause elemental effects when touched by enemies or players.

Elemental Immunity: Temporarily makes the player immune to an element. The more elements you use, the bigger the area of the immunity will be.

Mines: Mines are dropped into the ground, and are triggered when touched.

Storm: A suspended field is summoned that causes elemental effects when touched.

Damage Absorption: Damage is delivered to a shield instead of health.

Shield: A barrier is formed that reflects or absorbs most attacks.

Projectile: A solid projectile(s) is used to attack.

Ground Shock: Causes damage to occur over an area immediately surrounding the player.

Elemental Attack: A basic attack without any special formation.

Beam: A long, concentrated beam of magic is fired from the player.

Nova: Similar to ground shock, but radiates from the player instead of the ground.

Lightning: Can jump between enemies while causing simultaneous damage to all.

Spray: A short range, steady attack that lasts longer than a nova, but less than a beam.