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1337 is a nod to leet speak or better put "1337" speak, saying your damage is elite.

1337 is not the amount of damage done, but simply what is shown in the damage text for flavor.

The real damage is 2637 much higher than any other sword. this was found on Co-op mode when the damage would sometimes show it's true value and not always come up as 1337.

Additional proof is it's ability to 1-2 shot creatures that would take 2-4 shots from 1337 damage.

I just did some testing on my own, it deals exactly 1337 damage in singleplayer, so the 2637 damage must be a bug(lag related?) in co-op, I think I have seen it happen in a 2 player game myself before. It takes a bit more than half the hp of the poison spiders and takes a large part of the hp of an orc scout, but does not kill them, if it did 2637 damage it would kill both in 1 hit --Ket 03:42, 27 February 2011 (PST)
With further testing I found out it will hit enemies with a shield twice, dealing 2674 damage, instantly destroying both shield and armor aswell as dealing some damage, this might explain the whole higher damage thing as the dwarf warriors and dwarf champions in the area where you find it got shields --Ket 03:50, 27 February 2011 (PST)